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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How To Make Perfumes - The Materials Needed

Before we proceed with steps on how to make perfumes, let's be familiarized with the materials and ingredients.

Equipment Needed
  • A weighing scale or a kitchen scale ( up to 10 kg depending on how much you will make)
  • Plastic cups
  • A stirring rod
  • A small beaker
  • A 1,000 ml beaker
  • A volumetric flask
how to make perfumes

    Where to get all of these equipment?
     I recommend to get all of the equipment above in Bambang, Manila Philippines. Bambang is known for suppliers of laboratory equipment. You can buy there equipment which are very cheap, plus there are lots of suppliers to choose from. Just take the LRT 1 and drop off to Bambang Station.

     Raw Materials Needed

    Fragrance Oils of Designer Scents - these are pure essential oils combined to produce the scent of famous designer scents.

    Perfume Grade Alcohol - a neutral alcohol which is combined with fragrance oils in perfume making.

    Fixative - these are natural or synthetic substance used to reduce the evaporation rate and improve stability when added to perfume. This allows the final product to last longer while keeping its original fragrance  

    Where to Buy Raw Materials in Perfume Making?

    1. Cavite Perfume - offers affordable and high quality perfume supplies and materials. It is located in Kawit, Cavite but they ship all over the Philippines.

    Perfume Raw Materials Prices in Cavite Perfume
    Fragrance Oils (from Grasse, France and Germany)
    30ml - P149
    60ml- P289
    120ml- P499

    Perfume Grade Alcohol
    1 Liter- P150
    1 Gallon - P500

    30ml- P85
    1 liter- P800

    Cavite Perfume Contact Information:
    154 Magdalo Potol, Kawit, Cavite
    +63915 856 3932, +63922 264 4751

    2. Chemworld Fragrance Factory - offers a variety of designer scents. They also offer a perfume making seminar for those who want to learn how to make perfumes.

    Perfume Raw Materials Prices in Chemworld Fragrance Factory

    Fragrance Oils
    30ml - P200
    125ml- P500-700, depending on the scent

    Perfume Grade Alcohol
    1 Liter- P160
    1 Gallon - P550

    30ml- P120
    125ml - P440

    Chemworld Fragrance Factory Contact Information:
    +632 895-4410, +632 666-1849, +632 211-1277
      +63917 584-0865, +63917 325-2444

    3. Grasse Fragrance Company- They also offer a variety of fragrances from Grasse, France. Like Chemworld, they also offer perfume making seminar for free, you just have to buy the raw materials from them.

    Perfume Raw Materials Prices in Grasse Fragrance Company 

    Fragrance Oil
    125ml - P500-750, depending on the scent

    Perfume Grade Alcohol
    1 Liter- P179.20
    1 Gallon - P554.40

    100 grams - P476
    *I got the price above from their website, but when I purchase to them, they added 12% VAT. So make sure you add 12% VAT to get the actual price of raw materials from Grasse Fragrance Company.
    Grasse Fragrance Company Contact Information
    Ground Floor Saville Building
    8728 Paseo de Roxas Ave. corner Gil Puyat Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines 1209
    +632 890 8269, +632 232 4071

    These are just suppliers that I know where you can get wholesale fragrance oils and other raw materials in perfume making, but you can search for more in the internet. All of their fragrances smell good. It's up to you which supplier to choose- you might consider the following factors:

    - Price
    - Reliability
    - Access and location
    - Quality

    Now that you have all the information about materials needed on how to make perfumes, you can now decide what and where to purchase.


    1. I wish I can have my own line of fragrances someday.

      ~Pauline @ Kallony

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    3. We follow similar process in perfume making. We use oil based fragrance. It's not that hard to mix your own perfume.

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    6. What fixative do you use, does it need to use dpg?

    7. ok din po ba sya ilagay sa ginagawang beauty soap? nag la last ba un fragrance nya?